New Publication: “Icons of Educational Apps as Media Artifacts: Understanding EdTech Apps via Cultural Analytics”

My latest publication, co authored with Evangelos Kapros  is now available, a summary is provided below

While cultural analytics has become a well-established visualization method for big image and video data, the domains in which it has been used have focused on traditional media. Magazine covers, photography, manga, and video frames have been the main domains of exploration so far. In this paper, we propose cultural analytics as a means to analyze icons from software applications—these are not traditionally analyzed as media artifacts; however, new and interesting results may occur from treating them as traditional media. The aim is to better understand an application domain by analyzing the icons of its software applications.

As a case study, we visualized and analyzed the icons of 158,200 educational apps that were uploaded to Apple’s App Store from July 2008 to November 2014. The contribution of this project is twofold. Firstly, we demonstrate how analysing the software icons of an application domain (in our case, education) can help researchers gain insights into the domain. Secondly, within cultural analytics we developed a visualization technique (“time-freeze” timeline) that helps follow a trail of an app’s icon through its updates. We anticipate the “time-freeze” timeline visualization to be useful for cultural analytics at large, as a way to present imagery that is updated, and not specifically for visualizing icons.

To access the full paper click here

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New Job: Research Fellow, Technology Lead at the Learnovate Centre

I am delighted to be the latest addition to the Learnovate team.

The Learnovate Centre is an Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland funded industry-led centre of excellence for innovation and research in technology-enhanced learning. The centre is hosted in Trinity College and includes other academic partners from UCD, WIT and DERI at NUI Galway.

With this new job comes the opportunity for a transition from my maiden surname McCusker to my married surname of McCrory.

Keynote Presentation at the first ‘Computing at School’ Conference in Northern Ireland

I am delighted to announce my participation at the first computing at School Conference in Northern Ireland.

Having retuned from  an intensive two week program through a U.S Embassy EdTech exchange program, I will be delivering the keynote jointly with Gareth McAleese (GoBeserk) and Roisin Crawford (STEM Aware). With a focus on STEM and Educational Technology we will report on our insights and vision for the future of EdTech in Northern Ireland.

The conference will be a mixture of keynote presentations and workshops especially tailored for both primary and post-primary teachers.

For more information visit,446201,en.pdf or to register


Accepted Conference Paper

I have recently had  a conference paper “Using Learning Analytics and Learning Styles to Personalise Content in an Adaptive Educational System” accepted for the 6th International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies which will be held in Barcelona – 7th – 9th of July 2014. For more information see