6th European Conference on Games Based Learning

My paper ‘Intelligent Assessment and Learner Personalisation in Virtual 3D Immersive Environments’ has been accepted and will be presented between the 4-5th October 2012 in Cork.

Looking forward to attending, and presenting at this event. For more information visit http://academic-conferences.org/ecgbl/ecgbl2012/ecgbl12-home.htm

Abstract: Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects are increasingly important in the 21st century as the world looks for new solutions to global problems. A major problem associated with engineering education is increasing its appeal as a subject discipline amongst prospective students. It is therefore essential that educational institutions attract the most capable students, nurture and provide them with the skills and depth of understanding needed to face the challenges of globalisation. If these aims are to be achieved future e-learning environments must accommodate the diverse learning styles, needs and skills of modern, digitally literate students. This paper introduces a next generation learning environment (+GLE) which combines and integrates the most effective elements of virtual and 3D learning technologies. However, unlike previous integrations, this learning environment will be designed specifically for engineering education. Two main contributions of intelligent assessment and learner personalisation are proposed which collectively work together as an Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS) to effectively assess the students’ actions in the virtual 3D immersive environment. The learning is personalised by identifying the students weaknesses and strengths and adapting the +GLE appropriately based on the individual students’ skills, knowledge and competences. The dynamic personalisation aims to accommodate the differing learning styles of the students. The outcome of the proposed research is a collection of interactive and adaptive STEM-based experiments, linked to real hardware, using 3D environments that reinforce theory through VLE’s, aiming to meet the needs of students.

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