Progress to date

Now that my first year is almost at a close, I would like to share my research to date.

As the abstract of my transfer report describes

“This research aims to design and implement a next generation learning environment (+GLE) based on an intelligent engine to track, analyse and interpret user’s interactions within an integrated virtual learning environment and a virtual 3D immersive environment. The framework will be extended to intelligently adapt the students learning experience based on individual skills and progress providing personalised feedback. The outcome of the proposed research is a collection of interactive and adaptive STEM-based experiments, with virtual laboratories, using 3D environments that reinforce theory through VLE’s. Additionally, the outcome aims to increase students understanding and performance benefits, producing effective learning environments.”

Since this report I have been focusing the use of educational / academic analytics. The log files available in learning environments allow comprehensive reports to be created, using analytics, on the students activity, and ideally should be used to signal any students difficulty throughout the student interaction with learning environments and their content.

Educational / academic analytics has proven to be an exciting and relativity new field of research with education. Although successfully used in other sectors, such as business, the power of analytics and the role they can play provide the scope to further understand student activity. For the purposes of my PhD research, this is of particular value as my main contribtion is the intelligent assessment and learning personalisation of the students learning.

Obviously any comments on my research are welcome via kerri at irrek dot com.

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