Adaptive, personalised learning services comparison

inBloom, Dreambox and OpenStax are all examples of managed virtual learning environments / services which provide intelligent and/or adaptive learning to students, additionally these learning environments provide services to the administrators such as analytics and reporting facilities. It is interesting to see how Dreambox LearninginBloom and OpenStax Tutor compare in a comparison table I drew up. Featuring heavily in SXSWedu and gaining media attention, it is positive to see analytics  metrics, adaptive learning and i
ntelligence in the spotlight within education, spcecially as these relate to my own PhD research which focuses on the ‘Design and Development of an Intelligent Assessment and Content Personalising System in Moodle using Data Mining’.

Dreambox Learning inBloom OpenStax Tutor
Description DreamBox uses educational games to assess an individual student’s capability at a subject in real time then it either assists them if they are struggling, or move them along if they are doing well. inBloom provides technology services that allow states and public school districts to better integrate student data and learning applications to support sustainable, cost-effective personalized learning. OpenStax Tutor melds new cyber and social infrastructures to put powerful learning tools in the hands of educators and learners. OpenStax Tutor is an ambitious effort that combines high-quality, public-ready software with advanced research pursuits.
Sector Commercial Non-profit Non-profit
Users N/A 11 Million N/A
Open-Source No (Coming Soon) Yes
License Per-user license Per-student license (Coming Soon) Organization-level users may pay a small mission-support fee.
Area Games Virtual Learning Environment Virtual Learning Environment
Real Time Yes Yes Yes
Intelligent Technique Data Mining Diagnostic / Learning Paths Machine learning algorithms
Analytics Yes Yes Yes
Limitations Maths Only / Primary Intermediate Only America Only Beta – Some features not yet implemented

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