Exciting things are happening in Rustici Software

I stumbled across this exciting new project on twitter, Watershed. A product of Rustici Software who are actively seeking 6 ‘leading-edge companies’ to adopt their new technology.

Jeffrey Hill describes WaterShed as a client application of the Tin Can API that demonstrates how end users can collect, retain and eventually share their experiences while they browse the web, using a bookmarklet.

What are Rustici Software interested in testing?

  • Correlating real-world performance with learning/training
  • Innovative uses of mobile learning
  • Demonstrating training effectiveness
  • Demonstrating effectiveness of different training methods
  • Innovative uses of games/simulations in a training program
  • Ways of showing the effectiveness of informal learning
  • Consolidating data from many different learning systems
  • Transferring data across different learning systems
  • Blending the real world with the virtual world
  • Capturing real-world learning events, not just what happens in an LMS

Everything on this list quite literally has the potential to positively impact on-line learning and training packages. Personally I cannot wait to see what comes from ‘Blending the real world with the virtual world’ which is something I have been part of in the development of the SLOODLE Tracker project which is integrated into my PhD research.

In the meantime its a matter of ‘watch this spcace’.

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