Well done to Dennis Heaney and Paul Crumlish on the release of Hungry Monsters which was launched last night in Cafe Del Mondo, Derry. Great (addictive) game, highly recommended.

“Hungry Monsters is a unique bounce ‘em up game. The fate of many cute monsters is in your hands – or rather, your finger! Save as many monsters as you can by drawing lines to bounce ‘em and feed ‘em before the lava gets too high and cooks ‘em by the dozen. Hungry Monsters is a fun, addictive, hectic arcade game with oh-so simple, innovative & unique one finger gameplay – perfectly tailored for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Key Features-Monstrously cute graphics! Fun for all ages.
-Trampoline gameplay unique on a touch screen device.
- Endless challenge for high score junkies.
- Heart pounding escapes & nail biting last moment monster rescues.
- Multiple food types that modify the gameplay in fun and exciting ways.

Developed by ‘Beep Blip Games’ – a fresh out of the box, two-man iOS development team
based in Northern Ireland – Hungry Monsters has perfectly bite sized gameplay with
infinite replay value, fun and appealing to all gamers. Feed your Hungry Monsters with a
range of foods and special items until they are about to burst or risk them being burnt to a crisp! A catchy soundtrack and vibrant visuals will keep you coming back for more.”

Check out the trailer here

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